What Are Your Workplace Myths?

By Rudy Karsan

Like every other sphere of life, the workplace abounds with myths that have become so accepted as to be considered facts. For example, how many times have you heard people say with great conviction, “employees need a strong work-life balance to be engaged”? This assumes that the right balance can be achieved only by putting limits on time demands and stress of the job. Our research shows that, actually, engagement levels rise when employees are mission-driven, often by a big project or challenge or tight deadline. During these times, work hours do increase, personal time does reduce, and stress levels do rise, yet engagement levels increase because individuals achieve satisfaction of fulfilling something meaningful.

This is only one such workplace myth that we have busted. What are your workplace or work-related myths? I look forward to hearing about them—and who knows, maybe actually disproving some.Do write in and share them.

Rudy Karsan

Rudy Karsan

Nooruddin (Rudy) Karsan currently spearheads the IBM Kenexa Smarter Workforce initiative, which helps companies attract, engage and retain talent to build a smarter workforce. Passionate about creatin ...(Read More)

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