The Truth About Millennials [Infographic]

By Rena Rasch

A lot of hyperbole surrounds the Millennial generation. They’re entitled, disinterested and dissatisfied. But what does the data say? As Millennials flood into the workplace, what can Gen Xers and Boomers expect from their younger employees and coworkers? The Kenexa High Performance Institute (KHPI), using the WorkTrends™ survey, can provide answers to these and other questions.

In an article published in the Journal of Business and Psychology, KHPI reported generation only slightly affects work attitudes when controlling for age and year effects. And we found Millennials tend to be more positive than their elders, quite contrary to the pundits. In a white paper on the same topic, we found more Millennials than Gen Xers and Boomers report being satisfied with their company, growth opportunities, recognition and job security.

Turns out Millennials are not so different from young folks of times past, and when they are different they tend to be more positive…at least in terms of their work attitudes.

For more, download the white paper: “Attitude? What Attitude? The Evidence Behind the Work Attitudes of Millennials.”


Rena Rasch

Rena Rasch

Rena Rasch is the manager of the Kenexa High Performance Institute’s Minneapolis team, which she joined in 2008. She also manages the Institute’s WorkTrends™ study, an annual employee opinion su ...(Read More)

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