Creating a Smarter Workforce

The Path to a Smarter Workforce [Infographic]

By Mary Lafferty

The workforce is your most important asset—something that businesses have been saying for years. But if you truly stop and think about it, it’s not just your most important asset—it’s the wheels that keep your business moving forward, it’s the mechanism that spends revenue, it’s the face to customers, it’s the brains behind product development and, well, it is your business.

So instead of just focusing on tools that help leaders understand their workforce better, why don’t we focus on tools that actually make the workforce smarter? Tools that ensure every workforce has access to competitor information and business decisions real-time so they, in turn, make the best business decisions. And tools that help them talk to each other at any moment so businesses can share expertise, open up collaboration and replicate performance in days instead of years.

The power of the human mind is incredible; in fact, some argue that it’s the best super computer around—so why wouldn’t we want to make it smarter? The pure beauty behind the Smarter Workforce is it combines incredible human insight and behavioral sciences with powerful analytics, data and a leading social platform. So, it doesn’t just span the employee journey—it makes it more efficient, more powerful and more profitable.

Visibility is everywhere

CEO’s and leadership have real-time visibility to capability and performance of the workforce and, in turn, the workforce has a clear vision of the company and the drive and motivation to drive it forward.

Discovery is constant

Ideas, experience and expertise are shared second-by-second making any development and content accessible at a moment’s notice. Future talent discovers business on a daily basis—and gains visibility to the culture and skill needed to succeed before they apply. Likewise, hiring managers can predict candidate success before they extend an offer by understanding who will produce more and who will stay longer.

Growth is inevitable

Every employee has instant access to development opportunities, experts across the business and experts in the industry. This enables businesses to be flexible and change when the market changes—in days not years—and employees to embrace change and use it to drive company missions and outcomes.


Creating a Smarter Workforce [Infographic]

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Mary Lafferty

Mary Lafferty

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