IBM Kenexa Talent Suite

IBM’s New Talent Suite Adds Social and Science to Change the Way We Work

By Jonathan Ferrar

Our world changes at lightning speed, and for many people this improves our lives in many ways. Here’s what I mean: The way we communicate with each other and navigate our daily life is vastly different than it was just a few years ago. Now, people stay connected to the world around them, constantly connected via smart phones and tablets, and engage in active conversations, socially, with others from all walks of life.

So the way we work is changing just as fast. To succeed in business today, organizations need a new way to engage with talent, a way to get even more talent through the doors and create a meaningful conversation with employees that helps keep them around. There are three primary ways companies can do this.

First, social solutions can no longer be just an element in talent management – it has to be at the very core. Organizations need to provide their employees with internal solutions that match how people are already communicating. IBM’s new Talent Suite connects employees using an enterprise social network and providing ways for them to tap into the collective knowledge of an organization to help drive business success.

Businesses also need to deeply understand their talent and figure out a way to maximize their performance. The new Talent Suite takes advantage of Kenexa’s rich history in behavioral science to help organizations find, attract and hire the right people for the right job. Using this expertise, companies can understand what makes people good at what they do and then use that knowledge to find candidates who are similar to their high performing employees.

Finally, businesses need to provide a great user experience for their talent management solution. When you think about it, it makes sense that employees expect the same experience in the workplace as they do as a consumer. The Talent Suite’s user experience is built on the same digital technology that thousands of companies use for their consumer sites. This makes it intuitive and easy to use for employees as well as business leaders and managers.

These three factors – social capabilities, rich behavioral scientific insights and user experience – are what differentiates the IBM Kenexa Talent Suite in the market.  And therefore helps companies drive business results.

No other Talent Management solution combines IBM’s social solutions, behavioral science and a consumer-grade user experience that help companies drive business results. It’s that simple.

Jonathan Ferrar

Jonathan Ferrar

Vice President, IBM Kenexa & Smarter Workforce Jonathan Ferrar leads Strategy and Product Management for IBM Kenexa & Smarter Workforce. In this role, he is responsible for leading the str ...(Read More)

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