Hiring for Fit Can Lead to Winning Results

By Tim Geisert

If you’re skeptical that organizational fit makes a difference in your career, you better check out the story of Jeremy Lin.

Certainly you’ve heard of Lin, the journeyman NBA guard whose sudden rise to stardom with the New York Knicks has caught the world by storm. For the last two weeks, ESPN has devoted several minutes to Lin each night the Knicks play. He’s been on the cover of Time and Sports Illustrated, been the focus of stories in major media outlets across the country and practically owns the back cover of the New York tabloids.

It’s been total “Linsanity”!

So how does this relate to organizational, or culture, fit?

Before Lin took New York by storm, he was released this season by two NBA teams that have considerably less talent than the Knicks.

So what happened? Did Lin suddenly improve enough to take the NBA by storm?

No. He was finally given a chance to use his talents in the organization that could best use them. Lin is quick, has good court vision, can drive to the basket and plays at a fast pace, traits that Knicks Coach Mike D’Antoni values in a point guard to play his style of basketball. As a result, the Knicks won the first seven games that Lin started.

The same is true in business. When a workplace environment meets the needs of employees and enables them to feel fulfilled, they are most likely to thrive. The results can be higher employee engagement, more satisfied customers and a stronger bottom line.

Having a strong employment brand helps an organization attract the right candidates, those who will fit with the culture. Another way you can find the right people for the right positions is by using assessments along with RPO.

So when you’re hiring, whether it’s a point guard or a salesperson, you’d be wise to think about how a candidate would fit in your work environment. In many cases, it all boils down to hiring the right talent.

Don’t you agree?

Tim Geisert

Tim Geisert

Tim Geisert is a Kenexa Principal and serves as the Chief Marketing Officer. Prior to this role, he was the Vice President of Sales for Recruitment Process Outsourcing and Employment Branding Practice ...(Read More)

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