Customers Award Kenexa, an IBM Company with Best LCMS & Mobile

By Melonia da Gama

It has been an exciting ride for the Learning team at IBM, an IBM Company. And through it all, the team has remained focused on providing our customers the solutions they need to be successful, and as a result our business and has been reveling in the advantages that come from being a part of the IBM family.

This dedication was recently demonstrated at the Enterprise Learning Conference Expo, which oversees The Best of Elearning! Awards. These awards are chosen exclusively by readers and product users of e-learning products and services. Our customers and people in the industry voted IBM’s Learning Content Management System (LCMS) and Hot Lava Mobile as the best products in the LCMS and Mobile categories, respectively. It’s great to be recognized for our hard work and innovation by our customers.

These awards have also served to remind me of something I read a while ago in which a CEO of another company mentioned that we had “thrown in the towel on their LCMS.” I’m sure his statement was penned out of fear of what IBM and IBM would bring to the table for their Learning Suite. He didn’t take into account the sheer volume of research, customer collaboration and time that was put into the IBM LCMS.

And we’ll continue to work hard to build upon our success. Really, we have done everything BUT throw in the towel on our IBM LCMS. In fact, we are working so hard that we’re using that towel, and many others, to wipe our foreheads from all the hard work.

The IBM LCMS has always been a leader in the industry, and what we’re working on will transform the learning industry.

Melonia da Gama

Melonia da Gama

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