12 Ways to Become More Social in ’12

By Sheila Doherty

Does your list of New Year’s resolutions include working on your social life? Many of us make resolutions to spend more time with family, friends or to just ‘get out there.’ What about your social recruitment life? Perhaps many of us should examine it just as closely and take a look at simple ways we can enhance our organization’s social recruiting. Wouldn’t your boss be thrilled when you share the half dozen or dozen items you crossed off your to-do list in 2012?

To-do lists have a way of quickly getting out of hand – so I’ve assembled a short list of 12 key ways to advance your social recruiting success. Checking one of these off per month seems pretty doable for most organizations. Here goes …

12 Ways to Jump Start Your Organization’s Social Recruiting in 2012
  1. Recruit on social networking sites, not just your career site. Spread the word on job openings, events and company culture via social sites including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
  2. Tap into both recruiter and corporate networks on social sites. Your recruiters may have cultivated the perfect talent pool and your company may have more fans and followers. Be sure to consider both networks.
  3. Meet your candidates where they are, including on the world’s largest social network – Facebook. And while they’re there, let visitors see jobs, apply to jobs with their Facebook or LinkedIn profiles and share jobs with their network.
  4. Boost your referral hires. Make it easy for your employees to refer friends and their network for your jobs and give credit where credit is due. Track which employees are providing referral hires and be sure to reward them.
  5. Simplify the application process for candidates. Allow candidates to apply with their social profile. But be sure to avoid social applicant overload. Now that you’ve made it easy to apply, you now need to automate the screening of talent with questionnaires or assessments
  6. Increase your social recruiting ROI. Use reporting tools to track the effectiveness of your social campaigns and sources, and adjust them as necessary
  7. Get the full picture on your talent community and applicants. Consider allowing recruiters to view applicants’ social profiles right from the applicant tracking system.
  8. Make sure you communicate the right message to the right candidate at the right time. Use tools to see which leads are already in your applicant tracking system and their status and visa versa.
  9. Find more passive talent on the Web by searching the open Web. Nurture those relationships and convert to applicants.
  10. Bring social recruiting to mobile. You can reach talent on Facebook Mobile and other popular sites. Ensure your career site is optimized for mobile and extend your reach to candidates via mobile job boards.
  11. Amaze candidates with your candidate experience. It’s time to break out of the standard career site mold with a site that fits your brand, is highly social and drives traffic. Why not let candidates see how they are connected to your organization via LinkedIn and make it easy for them to share jobs? Be sure to accept social profile applications.
  12. Consider jumping into the world of video interviewing to streamline the recruitment process and capture significant savings. Some organizations are saving millions of dollars annually with this technology… and helping the environment, too.

That’s it. A pretty straightforward list to get your social recruiting strategy off the ground this year. So let’s check in and see how we’ve all done a few months down the road.

I’d love to hear what social recruiting projects you have planned for your organizations this year. Please share your feedback with me at

Sheila Doherty

Sheila Doherty

Sheila Doherty is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Kenexa and is responsible for Kenexa 2x BrassRing® - Kenexa’s market leading talent acquisition solution. In her current role, Sheila manages ...(Read More)

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